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Princess Mya

It seems like picking up girls at the bar is fast becoming dangerous business as girls are more and more turned on by various femdom fetishes. This poor guy had the bad luck to get too boozed while trying to seduce a fit looking college girl, the sexy Princess Mya, in denim jeans and white top, having no idea that hers and his ideas of fun are very different. For starters, she had him dressed up in a latex top just for the sake of taking pictures and humiliating him with them later, but that's just the beginning of what she did to him in the back alley behind the bar, the cute amateur mistress has stepped all over him, standing on his chest and slowing his breathing down as well as running her feet all over her crotch, stepping on his erection and getting it subdued - there will be no fucking tonight, she's not into hardcore action, but hot public place domination with a submissive guy who just happens to be a bit boozed at the time to boot is just up her alley.

Goddess Randi

Every form of art attracts fans, and this drop dead hot raven haired beauty, our incomparable Goddess Randi, is well known for her femdom and BDSM tendencies and erotic art. She usually trains males, submissive ones who want to be handled by a real master of the art, but from time to time she takes on a female slave as well, so when this gorgeous blonde fangirl showed up she just couldn't turn her away and had her over for an evening of spicy hot lesbo femdom action. The cutie started things off by licking the elegant red shoes with pointy top, only after they were completely cleaned did she take them off and move her wet tongue on to the foot itself. Toes got special attention, her tongue going around them and between them as she made sure not a speck of dirty remained behind her, and for a job well done she got to taste the base of the foot when her mistress decided it's time to treat her to that kind of girl on girl femdom love. You can bet the fangirl went home totally satisfied

Princess Crystal

The dungeon where he's being trained is all nice and dandy, but this guy has the urge to see some sunlight again, and after few weeks of begging his mistress for a walk he was finally granted that privilege. Big yard is a perfect place for him to relax, there's lots of green grass and the weather is nice, so he just lies on his back and enjoys the sun, until his mistress, Princess Crystal, decided he has been enjoying himself enough and that it's time for him to feel some pain as well. Elegant femdom beauty in an evening dress and high class shoes stops on his chest, making it hard to breathe, every breath takes a lot of labor and he gets just small gasps of air in. that's just the start - she has brought ice cold water along to pour all over him - he just got warmed up by the sun and the cold water puts him almost in the state of shock. The fact that he has to lick his femdom mistresses shoes while he is still recovering from the icy blast is not so shocking

Her Caged Lesbian

It's always a pleasure breaking their spirit as long as some other things if the femdom session goes really out of hand, but this gorgeous lesbian blonde is already well trained and behaved. She's waiting patiently for her Goddess Randi to let her get out of her cage so she can walk around on all fours, with not a stitch on, of course. We wouldn't want her feeling comfortable now, would we. Once she reaches the bedroom she's not to climb up on top, pleasing her mistress with her tongue is not on the menu today, but hardcore ass whipping it, that amazing tight ass gets lifted high up in the air so the stick can leave red marks all over it, and that's just the start - there's also a many-headed whip that ends up all over her ass and back, leaving more red marks and leaving her gasping for breath with every stroke her mistress makes. It's easy to see how turned on this makes her, her pink shaved pussy is dripping wet even halfway through and her mistress has just warmed up

Cotton Pickin' Slave

High quality slave is hard to find. This long legged beauty, the amazing Goddess Randi, has went through several of them before she found this submissive middle age manager of a cotton producing enterprise. His hobbies include getting spanked and subdued, just what the tall beauty was looking for. Although his body isn't as hot as what you'd expect from a male slave (most males into femdom tend to be either oiled up muscular studs or skinny pale sissy boys) she has taken him under her wing and is making him into an obedient boy-toy. She is fully clothed, of course. Her male slave doesn't get to enjoy the sight of her nude body until he's completely subdued. She gets to undress him and take him around the pool on his knees, pushing him over into the cold water when she catches him peeking at her ass. That level of disobedience must be punished. She steps on his face with her high heels, making his jaw creek a bit as she presses down against the cold hard ceramic floor.

Her Wrinkly Feet

Goddess No is letting us hear just what does her day consist of. She's giving an interview where she discusses in great detail just what does she usually do and what is usually asked of her, and trust me, she's a fetish porn star, she has heard about some really perverted things you can't see anywhere else. With a note in her hand and sly smile on her face, she's enticing men to check out more of her, and the dirtiest hit in this gallery is the fact that she left her feet bare, her fingers wriggling and wrinkly soles of her feet exposed to anyone who wants to check her out. She knows her feet are in high demand so she lets us watch her stretch out her long legs and prepare herself for another busy day of dominating men and making them suffer. Solo action is all fine and dandy, but this girl needs someone she can punish and blame everything on, it's always good to have someone around who can make her squeal with delight in hardcore fetish sex scene.

Hates Her Husband

Goddess No got bored of having a no good husband who can't do anything around the house, she has to do everything herself, so she decided to rough him up a bit and teach him some manners. Several days of browsing the internet for ideas, she found herself a site dedicated to male boy toy training, and one method of humiliation caught her eye immediately. Using her husband as a human piece of furniture - that's an idea she never had before, but once she started thinking about it it made sense, after all, he's completely useless, he might as well be put to some use. Now he follows her around the house like a puppy while she uses him as a chair, sometimes sitting on his face, sometimes stepping on his groin, but always on top of him and always making sure she inflicts maximum pain and humiliation before she lets him go. Just to spice things up a bit, she has set up cameras around the house

Her Feet Worshiped

Foot fetishist has found himself a new fixation - while he has tried femdom feet of white and black babes so far, he has never had a slender Asian foot to worship so the cute college girl next door with Asian red juice in her veins is a perfect outlet for him to get what he wants. He can tell the difference right away - the taste and the smell are not the same and he simply can't get enough of it. The girl herself is a cute looking Asian college girl who has never had femdom desires before, but she's willing to give them a try, this sub guy seems harmless enough and he doesn't seem like he would turn into a dominant one at all, he seems to be happy as long as he can be down on his knees, licking the soles of her feet and sucking on her toes until they are all clean and wet. She even got a high definition camera out so she can have a BDSM foot fetish collection to brag with.

Her Lesbian Slave

An experienced femdom babe, Princess Mya, is feeling like trying out some new things, but she has went through all kinds of kinks with men, there's nothing exciting she can think of when they are concerned, but the same does not apply to females - she has never had a cutie beg for the taste of her feet. Well, that sealed the deal - it's a new experience for her and she's going to give in to it, letting a cute redhead drop down on her knees and lick her legs up and down, paying special attention to her shoes as she slipped them off and worked her wet wriggly tongue between her fingers. Lesbian femdom turned out to be quite a thrill for this babe and I'm sure she's got more kinky ideas on her mind for some more sinful lesbian poses, but she kept things only in the fetish domain for this high quality lesbian femdom show, she wants just the tongue and foot makeouts, she'll leave more detailed licking and pussy to pussy action for some other time.

Princess Daphne

This lucky guy gets to meet a teacher he always had the hots for back in college, but he was always too scared to talk to because she was too strict. Now that he's a grown man with a job and everything he thought he'd be able to get into her panties more easily, especially seeing how she's lost some of her looks over the years, but he made one grave miscalculation, she's not just a strict teacher, she's a strict mistress as well, femdom teacher with high heels and lots of experience in making men beg her to let them go. She doesn't go by miss. It's Princess Daphne. The poor ex-student found himself on the ground in no time, his legs spread, erection exposed through his underpants and her feet in high heels stepping all over him - especially over his cock and his face. He was given a choice, which wasn't much of a choice but his ex-teacher demands it - either he cleans her shoes up with his tongue or he gets his balls stepped on. Feet and shoes licking sounded like a less painful choice

Slave Theme Party

Group sex with regular couples is all nice and dandy, but how about a group encounter with Goddess Randi and her friends at a party that many men would shudder to get close to. That's right, this raunchy brunette and her girlfriends are all out femdom angels and they just love it when men grovel at their feet and beg for some of their love. Naturally, the high quality femdom photo gallery of their party doesn't show any hardcore action at all, oh, no, these girls would never stoop so low, but that doesn't count for their willing male toys, these guys just love being used and humiliated by the girls who love inflicting pain - watch as the guys get to lick the feet of their mistresses, bring them food and serve it on their bodies or just get used as couches and sitting stools - they're around just to please their mistresses and to fulfill every whim they may have. It's a life they've chosen by themselves, and a life they're definitely trained well to lead if this hot femdom party is anything to go by,

Rightfully Punishes

This poor fellow has had the audacity to talk back to Goddess No! Now he gets to learn the meaning of pain and humiliation, he's tied up against a wall and his blonde mistress gets to kick him in the balls as much as she wants, getting him to growl on his fours down beneath her feet and to beg for mercy - as soon as he catches his breath, that is. Being kicked in the balls is just a start for this guy in a gimp mask and nothing else, his mistresses feet need licking - her socks have gotten dirty and sweaty, so he has to take them off with his teeth and to get his tongue to work between her fingers. Once she has properly humiliated him it's time to use him as a sitting stool, she loves knowing that she's done a good job of making a guy submissive again and with this photo gallery of her femdom BDSM exploits she can prove she did just that to all of the world, much to the horror of her willing slave whose only chance of anonymity is his gimp mask

Lesbian Slave Serves

Gorgeous teen brunette has run away from her classes because her mistress is calling her over - there's a treat waiting for her when she gets home. Turns out the treat comes in the form of a lesbian femdom threesome, her mistress, Goddess No, has called an old friend, Princess Mia over to show her off, her training has been extensive and now she does not shy away from anything, even anal munching and toe licking doesn't make her back away. Mistress wears hot fishnet panties and black top while her friend has see through top, lingerie panties and red high heel boots the petite girl is to lick clean with her dirty tongue. A chain around her neck is used to pull her from her mistress to her guest and she gets to taste each of them separately and to guess if they had a shower or not - these femdom babes love spicing things up like that! Submissive teen with small tits gets all of her clothes torn off by the time the two femdom girls were satisfied with the oral treatment she has given them both.

Her Friend's Boy Toy

Princess Kayla is in the mood to try something new, regular sex with her boyfriend has gotten boring, and not even new sex toys in the bedroom could spice it up. With this problem she turned to a friend of hers who recommended a one on one meeting with one of her submissive boy-toys, a well trained sex slave with a thing for female feet. No matter how dirty or smelly these feet are, he's always ready to get down on his knees and worship them thoroughly. That's definitely new for Kayla, while she did try some light BDSM action before, feet worship was never high on her priority list so she's introgued by the sensation she gets when a guy carefully and thoroughly licks and sucks on each and every toe of hers until she's all wet. It doesn't turn her on yet, but it's definitely interesting and she just might get used to it after a few more humiliating toe licking sessions with her new toy friend, she'll keep him around for a few days to see if she will get horny just from having her feet worshiped.

Goddess No and Kayla

Low income workers like carpenters are happy to get a job in today's economy, but this guy isn't feeling so lucky at the moment. He did at first, until he saw Goddess No, and things did start off the way he likes it, she took off all of her clothes and got frisky with him, but just as he expected for her to grab his erection and ride it, the babe showed her true colors - she's a ball busting domina with a stepping fetish. With his balls in her hands the poor guy had no way to get away from what was waiting for him, a whole day of humiliation and pain, he had to do all kinds of things, not just the job he was contracted to do. Licking her feet, cleaning her toes, being used as a living door mat, all of these sub deeds got our poor carpenter confused, he never expected to be aroused from these kinds of things, but his erection is a testimony to how much he likes being dominated by an experienced slut. He even got to service her friend, Princess Kayla.

Her Riding Crop

Ever since she got a riding whip as a birthday present from one of her female friends, Princess Crystal has been getting more and more fierce with her poor boyfriend. The guy was submissive before, now he's completely hooked to the feeling of being dominated by his babe, and she knows just how to humiliate him properly. Just riding him around the house is not enough, she has to make him squirm, so she uses him as a human chair. Facesitting is something the poor guy has never been interested before, which is why it is so shocking for him now, he had no idea that a female ass can smell if it is too close to his nose for too long, and even if he tries to get away the only thing he is guaranteed to succeed in is getting more whipping. If he somehow displeases his BDSM girlfriend he's bound to end up with her knee in his groin, ball busting kicks get him whimpering down on the ground until the pain goes away.

Jeanie Has Anger Issues

Princess Jeanie, a blond latex hottie has a new friend, a guy who tried to hit on her in a bar, having no idea that there's a good reason men avoid her when they go clubbing. Most of them know that once she has her hands on you, there's no getting out until you're totally humiliated and mistreated like a boy toy, something this man had no clue about, so he happily followed her home and stripped down when she told him so. By the time his pants were off, she was in the bathroom, preparing her latex top, hot outfit as well as her whip and riding crop, an exposed erection is a great place for her to start her pain delivery so the guy got trampled and stepped on, her firm soles stopping the red juice flow to his penis as well as to his throat. After making sure he knows just who's in charge here, the BDSM latex fetish bitch got her whip out and started going wild on his ass, leaving him in red stripes that are almost hemorrhaging

Frisking Ball Busting

While this hot mature brunette, Princess Kayla, enjoys doing things that are much more BDSM than just some light foot worship, her favorite boy toy gets to do some basic things with her while she's smoking her cigar - she's trying to quit so she doesn't want to focus too much on making him suffer, she wants to feel the nicotine coursing through her body. That's why she just raised her long legs in denim trousers, placing her shoes with no heels on his chest and squeezing his muscles as well as she can without straining herself too hard. She knows she can go all hardcore femdom on his ass when she's done with the smoke, so she takes it easy. A swift kick to his balls gets him to bend over in submission when she spots what looks like a bit of defiance in his eyes as she tells him to take her shoes off and lick and suck each and every of her toes one at the time, that rough treatment will get him to behave for sure, it always has so far so there's no reason for her to use any measures © Tjeezers 2003-2010